28 Counter Drone Companies You’d never Want To Hide

counter drone companies

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There are numerous anti-drone companies operating all over the world. We combed through the list of companies to bring you a list of 28 you should be aware of before delving into these companies.

1. Airbus S.A.S

Airbus is a multinational aerospace corporation based in Europe. Airbus designs, manufacture, and sells civil and military aerospace products around the world, as well as aircraft in Europe and other countries.

Airbus Defence and Space unveiled its Counter-UAV System, which can detect potential UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) threats from a distance of 5 to 10 km (3 to 6 miles) and bring them down using electronic countermeasures.

The Airbus Defence and Space Counter-UAV System joins a growing list of anti-drone systems, including Battelle’s DroneDefender and Blighter Surveillance Systems’ Anti-UAV Defence System (AUDS).

2. Leonardo SpA

Leonardo is a global high-tech company with operations in the aerospace, defense, and security.

The Royal Air Force has received the first of four complete baseline counter-drone systems from Leonardo in the United Kingdom in support of the next stage of its Counter-Unmanned Aerial System (C-UAS) research and development program.

Leonardo provides scalable and modular C-UAS systems to military and civil customers worldwide. The company has been contracted to supply C-UAS equipment to the Italian Army and Air Force, and it is in talks with other potential customers around the world.

3. DroneShield

DroneShield is a drone detecting system developer. Its solution uses real-time alerts provided by acoustic detection equipment to identify unlicensed drones. It detects drones that aren’t visible to radar or don’t have radio-frequency connectivity. Drone nodes, drone sentries, Omni-directional sensors for broad full range drone detection, long-range sensors for far-reaching drone detection, and a drone shield user interface for online monitoring of local drone activity are all part of the company’s product portfolio. Government agencies, airports, vital infrastructure protection, and prisons are all served.

4. SkySafe

SkySafe provides airspace security and real-time notifications, as well as a full event history (for future legal proceedings, if necessary). Without the use of jamming technologies, the security system can take control of a drone and securely land it. Its solution is currently undergoing testing and will be available in the second part of 2016.

5. Elbit Systems

Elbit Systems EW and SIGINT – Elisra Ltd. (Elisra) is a global provider of electronic warfare (EW) systems, signal intelligence (SIGINT) systems, and C4ISR technology solutions.

The ReDrone Vehicular Tactical System, a vehicle-mounted variant of Elbit Systems’ counter-drone detection and neutralization system, has been announced. The new system is designed to meet the growing demand for vehicle and convoy security against hostile unmanned aerial systems (UAS).

6. Chess Dynamics

Chess Dynamics is a UK-based firm that specializes in electro-optical (EO) solutions for the defence and security sectors, such as sophisticated optical surveillance, communications, and stabilized radar platforms and systems for land, maritime, and off-shore applications.

7. QinetiQ

Qinetiq, based in Farnborough, Hampshire, is a British multinational defense technology business. It is one of the major defense contractors in the world.

Qinetiq’s Obsidian radar system is specifically designed to detect, identify, and track small/micro UAVs that potentially constitute a security threat.

8. Thales Group

From flight avionics to UAV system design and operations, wireless communications systems, digital identification and cybersecurity, and location and navigation supporting satellite systems, Thales Group is a French multinational corporation that creates and produces the unique drone ecosystem.

EagleSHIELD, Thales’ latest integrated drone countermeasures system for protecting and securing sensitive sites and large-scale events in metropolitan areas, is unveiled. EagleSHIELD is a multi-sensor system that detects, identifies, classifies, and neutralizes rogue drones flying at low altitudes over distances of up to 7 kilometers.

9. Blighter Surveillance Systems

Blighter Surveillance Systems is a major designer and manufacturer of electronic-scanning radars and surveillance systems throughout the world.

The Anti-UAV Defence System (AUDS) is meant to disrupt and neutralize Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) that are engaged in hostile airborne surveillance and perhaps mischievous behavior.

The A800 3D unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) detection radar from Blighter Surveillance Systems is designed for land, air, and marine surveillance. The primary purpose of the A800 is to “identify and locate commercial ‘hobby’ drones in 3D space.”

10. Lockheed Martin Athena

Lockheed Martin is a global security and aerospace company that specializes in the research, design, development, manufacturing, integration, and maintenance of advanced technology systems, products, and services.

ATHENA, or Advanced Test High Energy Asset system, is a prototype laser weapon system developed by Lockheed Martin that is designed to defeat close-in, low-value threats such as improvised rockets, unmanned aerial systems, vehicles, and small boats.ATHENA is a 30-kilowatt laser weapon system powered by the Accelerated Laser Demonstration Initiative (ALADIN) laser.

ALADIN combines three 10 kilowatt fiber lasers’ power into a single 30-kilowatt beam. Because it employs multiple lasers, it can also operate at lower power levels, such as 10 or 20 kilowatts, if necessary. Thirty kilowatts is enough to cause structural damage to drones, causing them to fall out of the sky.

11. Raytheon Technologies Corporation

Raytheon Technologies Corp is an aerospace and defense company that provides advanced systems and services to commercial, military, and government customers around the world. The operations of the company are divided into four major business segments: Collins Aerospace Systems, Pratt & Whitney, Raytheon Intelligence & Space, and Raytheon Missiles & Defense.

Raytheon Missiles & Defense offers the most advanced end-to-end solutions in the industry for detecting, tracking, and engaging threats, with sensors and effectors networked into a command-and-control system that cover the entire counter-UAS mission.

12. Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd

Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd. (IAI) is the country’s largest aerospace and defense company, specializing in the development and manufacture of advanced, cutting-edge systems for air, space, sea, land, cyber, and homeland security.

Radars, jammers, decoys, and various warning systems are among the IAI air defense solutions. IAI provides a passive sensor suite that includes a passive radar based on Passive Coherent Location technology, COMINT, ELINT, and EO systems. The systems can detect 360° long-range aerial emitting and non-emitting targets in the dark, ensuring that every threat is detected.

13. SRC Inc.

SRC, Inc., a non-profit research and development organization, brings together information, science, technology, and ingenuity to solve problems in defense, the environment, and intelligence.

Silent Archer counter-UAS technology from SRC is a system of systems designed for quick deployment. SRC’s SkyChaser® radar, counter-UAS camera systems, multi-mission EW system, tactical radio, and mobile decision framework are used in the on-the-move configuration to detect, track, classify, and defeat hostile UAS.

14. L3HarrisTechnologies

L3Harris Technologies is a fast-growing global aerospace and defense technology company that provides end-to-end solutions to address mission-critical requirements. Across the space, air, land, marine, and cyber sectors, the firm supplies innovative defense and commercial technologies.

Drone Guardian is a scalable and adaptable system designed to combat the ever-increasing threat posed by the unlawful and hostile usage of commercial and military drones.

15. Dedrone

AI-powered smart airspace security solutions provider. It consists of an array of RF sensors that detect, identify, and locate various drones in real-time using parameters such as noise, shape, and movement patterns. It has a drone library based on machine learning to automate the protection of airspaces from unauthorized drones. The sensor can also be linked to cameras to save images and videos that can be used to provide critical evidence of a threat intrusion. It safeguards people, property, and information against the persistent and escalating threat posed by drones.

16. Airspace Systems

A drone detecting and deactivation mechanism is available through Airspace. Interceptor, a counter-drone device, can prevent drone intrusions into key infrastructure, stadiums, and households, among other places. Deep learning technologies are used to detect anomalies and perform autonomous mitigation. It works with clients in a variety of industries, including aviation, entertainment, law enforcement, utilities, and others. Sterling, Shashtra Ventures, Singtel, and Capital are among the investors in the company.

17. Aveillant

Aveillant is a radar technology firm specializing in 3D holographic radar. Unlike traditional radar, 3D holographic radar continuously scans the sky. Its Gamekeeper 16U system is a solution for drone detection. Aveillant claims that the Gamekeeper 16U can detect and track multiple consumer drones, including very small ones. Other radar systems used by the company are for wind farm mitigation and general surveillance.

18. DeTect Inc.

DeTect, Inc is a leading provider of modern A1 radar and related remote sensing technologies and systems for aviation safety, security, and surveillance, as well as drone defense and environmental protection.

The HARRIER Surveillance Radar System from DeTect was designed primarily for detecting and tracking non-cooperative, small, low radar-cross section, non-linearly moving objects, making it one of the world’s most sensitive and low-cost radar systems.

19. Liteye Systems Inc.

Liteye Systems, Inc. is a global leader in military and commercial Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems (CUAS), Drone Sense and Warn Systems, Multimission/Multidomain Systems, Rugged Head-Mounted Displays (HMD), Micro Imaging Viewfinders, Thermal Surveillance Systems, Covert Surveillance Systems, Electronic Warfare Packages, Radar Systems, and Fire Control Software Solutions.

Liteye Systems’ cutting-edge C-UAS technology provides a wide range of counter-drone options to address the rising threat of malicious UAS (unmanned aircraft systems) use.

20. Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd, founded as part of the Pentagon more than 50 years ago and incorporated in 2002, plans, develops, manufactures, and distributes a wide range of high-tech defense systems for air, land, sea, and space applications.

Drone Dome is a Rafael Advanced Defense Systems counter unmanned air system (C-UAS) anti-aircraft system that provides soft and hard kill, 360° circumferential coverage, quick response time, and high success rate while causing minimal collateral damage.

21. The Boeing Company

The Boeing Company is a multinational American firm that designs, manufactures, and sells planes, rotorcraft, rockets, satellites, telecommunications equipment, and missiles all over the world.

Boeing’s Compact Laser Weapons System (CLWS) gives defense department clients more options for defeating larger and faster-unmanned aircraft system (UAS) threats at a longer range.

22. Fortem Technologies

Fortem Technologies creates radar systems for detecting airborne objects as well as counter-UAV systems for commercial and military use. Its DroneHunter solution is an autonomous perimeter detection (and protection) solution that detects, classifies, and secures against rogue drones. When it detects an intruder drone, it uses AI-directed detection, tracking, and guidance to mitigate the air threat at a safe distance with no collateral damage.

TrueView, a radar system that can be placed on the UAV for early warning of invasive or non-cooperative air traffic, is included with the anti UAV systems. It also includes an airspace monitoring and security platform with a 360-degree view of the airspace and the capacity to detect and deploy an autonomous counter-UAS solution to analyze, identify, and remediate issues.

23. CerbAir

Cerbair is working on a civilian drone detection system called “DroneWatch,” which employs stereovision and powerful algorithms. In real-time and in any setting, DroneWatch can detect, track, and identify any flying threat. Its automatic warning system uses real-time warnings and digital evidence collection to detect violations. Its solution can be employed in the defense sector, government organizations, public spaces, airports, and other places. Several media outlets have quoted the company, including Le Point, La Tribune, Silicon, La Croix, and others. CerbAir is a Technofounders subsidiary.

24. Citadel Defense

Citadel Defense operates a counter-drone defense system based on AI and machine learning in 13 different countries. Individual drone threats and swarms are detected, identified, tracked, and safely defeated by the C-sUAS solution. The Titan system operates without the need for signal expertise or training, and it autonomously escalates to any threat scenario without putting the operator at risk. Citadel Defense has developed a low-cost counter-drone solution using artificial intelligence, machine learning, Deepfake algorithms, adaptive frequency jamming, and robotics.

25. Epirus

Epirus is a company that makes AI-powered counter-UAV systems. It provides a software-defined electromagnetic pulse system for defense and public safety purposes. It includes a high-power microwave beam emitter that can detect and neutralize single drones or entire swarms even in crowded areas. It also provides precision detection systems to detect illegal vessels in waterways.

26. WhiteFox Defense Technologies

WhiteFox Defense Technologies creates anti-drone systems to protect perimeters and vehicles from intruding and hostile unmanned aerial vehicles. Its counter-drone systems include the portable DroneFox Tactical, which protects mobile units from drone attacks, and the DroneFox Fortify, which protects critical infrastructure. These can be tailored to the needs of the client. WhiteFox also provides threat vulnerability assessment and penetration testing services, as well as other UAV-related consulting services.

27. Flex Force

Flex Force is a software development company that specializes in robotics, signal processing, and robotics.

Flex Force’s Dronebuster is a small, lightweight, and low-cost UCAS tool that can eliminate COTS drone threats. During fluid, confusing, fast-paced confrontations, the device easily changes from an integrated, fixed-site jammer to a man-portable jammer for dismounted troops, security teams, and first responders to employ.

28. Northrop Grumman

Northrop Grumman is a prominent global security firm that provides customers around the world with innovative systems, technologies, and solutions in autonomous systems, cyber, C4ISR, strike logistics, and modernization.

Drone Restricted Access Using Known EW (DRAKE) is a radio-frequency negation system that targets drones with a non-kinetic, selective electronic attack.

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