UAS RF Detection Device

  • Passive detection: When the drone and remote control are turned on for communication, the system only passively receives electromagnetic signals and does not emit any.
  • Unattended: After activating the automatic defense, you can enter the unattended mode, which opens the 3km protective cover, preventing outside drones from entering and inside drones from taking off.
  • Ahead of warning : When the drone remote control is turned on, it can be detected and identified in advance in the designated protection area. Before the drone takes off, precautions can be taken.
  • Recognize a friend or foe: The drone can be distinguished between a friend and a foe. The whitelist drones can continue to perform missions, but the blacklist drones cannot. Identify the fuselage’s electronic fingerprints and provide solid evidence for subsequent disposal.
  • Find the pilot: Identify the drone remote control and the drone itself. Accurately point out the pilot’s direction to improve the police’s effect and effectively prevent criminals from escaping and sabotage again.
  • Precision strike: By breaking the UAV’s communication protocol, low-power signals are used to precisely control the UAV.

Product Description

Counter-drone technology, also known as counter-UAS, C-UAS, or counter-UAV innovation, alludes to systems that are utilized to detect, identify, capture as well as destroy automated drones. As concerns develop around the potential security danger drones might posture to both regular citizens and the military entities, counter-drone technology is quickly arising.

Ihuntdrone RF Omni-directional detection system can detect, identify the multi-objective with 360° angle within 2 km radius shield. Once drones fly into the protection area, the system sends alarms automatically and informs the security personnel to jam drones.

While compared to the spectrum feature library, the system can distinguish drone data such like producers, models, and frequency. Drones in specific regulatory environments are classified into two types: black list, white list, ensuring that UAVs here on the black list (e.g. potential threats) cannot take off in the designated area, drones outside the area cannot enter, and drones on the white list are unaffected

Furthermore, customizable as per the client’s request, detection, identification, and countermeasure can be incorporated into one system.



Additional information

Interference frequency

2390MHZ-2510MHZ;, 5000MHZ-6000MHZ

Signal types

Downlink or remote control signal

Shielding radius


Shielding range

1000-5000 square meters

Tracking coverage


Coverage angle range

≤ 2°(RMS)

Power supply

AC 220V to DC29.6V, Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery: 28V, 20AH


Antenna gain: 8dBi-18dBi, Antenna pattern: Omni-directional, Omnidirectional antenna: full coverage above the horizontal plane

Battery duration

24 hours non-stop labor when plugged in; single battery: ten hours



Versatile Application

Ihuntdrone provides comprehensive UAS protection can be tailored to specific regulatory environments.

Events & Stadiums
Executive Protection
Government Sites
Law Enforcement
Oil & Gas facilities
Critical infrastructure
UHNWI's Real Estate

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