Anti Drone Rifle

  • Effective distance: 1500 m;
  • Rapid suppression: strong and stable output, risk control in seconds;
  • Integrated directional antennas: ultra wideband high gain directional antenna, small radiation, long distance;
  • Navigation frequency band: full coverage of the working frequency of the 3 major global navigation systems;
  • Additional Frequency Bands: disruption engages on multiple RF frequency bands simultaneously;
  • Lightweight design: suitable for single-handed operation, compact and portable;
  • Temperature control system: built-in temperature control and heat dissipation system to ensure stable operation for a long time;
  • High strength plastic shell, dustproof and waterproof.

Product Description

DroneGun G4 Plus is an exceptionally successful counter UAS drone hardware with 4 jamming frequency bands and it has an effective jamming range of greater than 1.5 km. Outfitted with a high amplification scope, it can notice farther targets.

This device is extraordinarily intended to viably stifle the UAV controller, map transmission and positioning bands, or remove the signal between the robot and the controller at a significant distance, subsequently driving the far off controlled UAV to return or force landing within the effective distance, and accomplishing the motivation behind restricting the dark flying UAV from entering the clear air control zone.


Additional information

Navigation frequency band

full coverage of the working frequency of the four major global navigation systems

RF frequency bands

0.8~0.9GHz, 1.2Ghz, 2.4GHz, 5.8GHz

Interference distance


Transmitted power



Antenna gain 8~12db, Directional horn antenna, ultra-wide band 0.8-6GHz

Power supply

Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery: 24V, 6Ah; pluggable replacement

Battery duration

Continuous Jamming = Approx. 120 minutes

Ambient temperature

-20℃ to +60°C

Relative humidity

80% RH (No condensation)

Enclosure rating

IP64, waterproof outdoor

Versatile Application

Ihuntdrone provides comprehensive UAS protection can be tailored to specific regulatory environments.

Events & Stadiums
Executive Protection
Government Sites
Law Enforcement
Oil & Gas facilities
Critical infrastructure
UHNWI's Real Estate

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