Anti Drone Jammer Shield

1. Ultra-wideband frequency jamming: simultaneously interrupting numerous RF frequency bands (433MHz, 824MHz, 1150MHz, 1550MHz, 2.4GHz, and 5.8GHz);
2. high gain directional antennas with a jamming range of 1000-2000m;
3. Convenient operation: different frequency bands can be opened or closed individually by different switches; frequency bands and output power can be selected;
4. Convenient to carry: the main device, battery, and antennae are all integrated into a lightweight design that increases mobility.
5. The jammer’s built-in high-performance battery can last up to 150 minutes;
6. Effective self-protection: if such a drone signal jammer detects overheating, over-output-power, standing wave, or other errors, it will automatically turn off the failed module, ensuring the device’s operating reliability.


Product Description

The Drone Hunter DP-001 is a shield-shaped counter UAV device that weighs less than 2kg and can be carried in one hand.

The main device, battery, and antennae are all integrated into the design of the Drone Hunter DP-001 to maximize mobility and reduce weight. This jamming device has a range of 1-2 kilometers and can disrupt numerous RF frequency bands at the same time (433MHz, 824MHz, 1150MHz, 1550MHz, 2.4GHz, and 5.8GHz).

The effective jamming range of this anti-drone device is increased thanks to high gain directional antennas. It is an extra option in urban situations, as it focuses a power beam into a restricted airspace where UAVs have appeared, ensuring that electric equipment adjacent are not disrupted.


Additional information

Interference frequency

413MHZ-453MHZ; 824MHZ-960MHZ; 1150MHZ-1400MHZ; 1550MHZ-1650MHZ; 2400MHZ-2500MHZ; 5700MHZ-5900MHZ

Shielding radius


Shielding range

1000-5000 square meters

Power supply

Built-in battery: 12V, 8AH, Charger 220V to DC14.6V

Power consumption

total RF output power<30W

Continuous working time

150 minutes (6 bands full-on)


Antenna gain: 8dBi-18dBi

Ambient temperature

-20℃ to +60°C

Enclosure rating

IP64, waterproof outdoor




2KG, packing weight:3.5KG

Versatile Application

Ihuntdrone provides comprehensive UAS protection can be tailored to specific regulatory environments.

Events & Stadiums
Executive Protection
Government Sites
Law Enforcement
Oil & Gas facilities
Critical infrastructure
UHNWI's Real Estate

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