Detecting, Classifying, and Jamming of Small Drones

Professional RF Counter-UAS Supplier Focusing On Low-altitude Security

Fully-integrated Counter-UAS Solutions

Preventing drone THREATS to make the sky safer.


RF, Radar, Acoustic, Optic and Thermal Sensors


Real time tracking. AI Driven, Sensor Fusion


RF, Radar, Acoustic, Optic and Thermal Sensors


Neutralise The Threat, Responsive Soft and Hard Kill​

Wholesale anti drone system, signal jamming device

UAS RF Detection Device

detecting, identifying the multi-objective with 360° angle

Anti Drone Jammer

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Portable UAV Interceptor

Camera shape design, suitable for fixed places or building defense

Anti Drone Jammer

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Anti Drone Jammer Shield

simultaneously interrupting numerous RF frequency bands

Anti Drone Jammer

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What people say?

anti drone gun
The anti-drone gun is exactly as described. The phone jammer works extraordinary. Order showed up early and was bundled well. Enthusiastically suggest item and merchant.
Brittany Foxx
Product Manager

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